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LYDIA Academy-Rockford is a member of the StreetSchool Network. We are Regionally Accredited with North Central Association Commission of Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). LYDIA Urban Academy-Rockford received full accreditation in June 2014.

LYDIA Academy-Rockford is devoted to addressing the underlying reasons that students are truant, expelled, and suspended.  With personal attention, students are experiencing success and regaining hope in their future.

Our program is open to high school students, ages 14 – 19, that are willing to put forth the necessary effort to not only gain their high school diploma but to gain the skills and attributes required to live a successful and productive adult life.

The mission and vision of LUA is to transform lives through education and mentoring believing that all people should be awarded dignity by recognizing their personal worth. Therefore we are dedicated to helping students discover and use their talents and abilities for the purpose of becoming contributing members of the community. We believe that all students can be academically and socially successful if given patience, love, emotional and spiritual support in an individualized environment. Though LUA was founded on demonstrating Jesus’ compassion it does not teach religion, but rather models the value of relationships and character: respect, responsibility, resolve, reconciliation, redemption, and righteousness.

LYDIA Urban Academy-Rockford is dedicated to the belief that anyone can learn if given personalized guidance and the proper academic environment. LYDIA train students for successful transition into adulthood by providing them with the opportunity to learn how to: think critically, problem solve, build self-discipline, accept personal responsibility and demonstrate respect for authority, peers and themselves.

• To provide a quality, personalized education to as many students as feasible.

• To help students develop strong character and discipline based on clear moral values and Biblical principles.

• To assist students in developing the necessary academic, social, employment and independent living skills necessary for them to become productive adults.

• To prepare students for life after high school by helping them enroll in college or a trade school.

• To help students identify and overcome negative patterns of behavior and thinking that will potentially disrupt future goals.

  • • Individualize learning experience
  • • Low student-faculty ratio (10:1)
  • • Character-based learning
  • • Affordable
  • • Dedicated faculty and staff
  • • Small environment
  • • Strong academic requirements that allow for remediation
  • • Affordable (sliding fee scale)

LYDIA Urban Academy-Rockford believes that financial responsibility is a valid part of a student’s education and preparation for the future. We are a nonprofit ministry providing a quality education that enables students to become productive citizens in their community. In order to maintain our standard of excellence we ask students and their families to contribute financially through tuition and Work Study.

Parent’s tuition responsibility is calculated based on a sliding fee scale ($600-$1,500 per year) divided into monthly payments. There is a one-time registration fee of $150.

Students contribute another $2,300 to the cost of their education through “work equity” in the Work Study program.  Students are required to work eight hours a week for LYDIA’s business partners which provides students a means to help pay their portion of their educational cost.

LYDIA Urban Academy is a private Christian school and does not receive state or federal education monies.

  1. Enrollment Fees:
    1. There is a one-time registration fee of $150 at enrollment. Registration and enrollment are not secured until this fee is paid. The fee is non-refundable.
  1. Tuition and Fees total $3,960 per year.
    1. Tuition credit is available based on financial need and documentation of total household income (sliding fee scale).

Additional tuition credit is available through the Work Study program.

Tuition and fees must be current in order for the student to begin classes the next quarter.

Diplomas will not be awarded until all tuition and fees are paid in full.

School records will not be released until all tuition and fees are paid in full.

Students will be responsible to pay for any materials that are lost or destroyed.

Additional fees may be charged for field trips throughout the year.