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Sponsor a Rockford Urban Academy Student

As with many faith based organizations, there are numerous regulatory and financial challenges, but our school is having great success helping students change the trajectory of their lives and move on to being responsible, productive citizens.

In addition to regular classes, students are given instruction in workplace preparedness with focus on things like learning how to fill out applications, interview well and learning what is commonly expected once they have employment.

Fridays are meant to be work-study days when students are expected to achieve employment and the wages earned are put toward their tuition expenses.

This is where you could help make a huge impact on a student’s life. We have opportunities available to either financially sponsor students wages who are employed by not for profit organizations, or to employ students directly at your local business.

Download our Sponsorship Information Sheet for more details on how the program works. if you have any questions or would like more information please contact our office at (815) 966-0039 or by email .

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